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Content in the online world is a very powerful tool to reach your audience and at the same time convert them into sales. Good online marketing content aims not just simply convert your audience into sales but with the intent to inform and inspire which is why with content marketing, your business can generate more leads versus your other traditional marketing strategies. The key to effective online content marketing is to have search-friendly content. That is why we at Zombie Digital offer SEO content writing services to direct your business where your audience can find you right away.

We know that content creation requires a huge amount of time and dedication, that is why our team is ready to take on the challenge by providing you a content that drives results for your business. Partnering with us means you get to focus on the things that matter to your business, creating content impactful content creation and writing will be our job. 

What is SEO Content Writing?

Whenever users go online and they try to get to know a business in terms of what products or services they offer, 70% of them get to know the business through articles online or content compared to ads. Creating valuable content for your business does not only get you the advantage to help your potential leads to get to know your business better but it also improves your business’ search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. 

SEO content by definition is any content created to attract people or audiences through search engines. When they perform well on the search engines, you can expect a high volume of traffic on your website which can be a potential lead:

SEO: the process of boosting website ranking in search results through optimizations. The main goal is to be on the first page (your website) and on the top of the search results to attract and direct users to visit your website

CONTENT WRITING: the process of creating compiled knowledge with the intent to share with your audience, in a written or visual format, which allows you to present your business with authority to your field or industry. Content creation will enable you to engage and build trust with your audience and choosing your business.

SEO Content Writing Formats

As a frequent audience online, you may have stumbled upon the content of the different format creators use to do SEO content writing. These formats come in many forms:

Product Pages

You can see this content format mostly used for e-commerce businesses. On product pages, you can share your products with all the most important information about them like the selling point, materials, price, usage, base variant, and more. Product pages give your audience or buyers details of what your product can do or offer. 

You can optimize the product information for your products to rank first when your audience looks for relevant product search online. 

Services Page

The services page is one of the critical parts of your website, as this page explains what you offer. Creating or writing an attractive, informative, and stand out services page helps your business to set itself apart from other businesses. There are many creative ways on how you can present your business through your services page, but it starts with creating the right message whether in a paragraph, short sentences, or bullet point sections.


Infographics are another form of visually presenting information. People respond to visual presentations well, and they tend to retain more information if it’s aided visually. For example, the content creator uses infographics to explain or breakdown complicated processes or topics for audiences to easily digest the information.

When creating infographics, it must be visually appealing and must catch the audience’s attention to absorb the information on the graphic. Illustrating the process for your audience is one of the best ways to make them understand the complex process or topics you are sharing, plus they can easily be shared on social media. Nowadays, people absorb information online through infographics which is easy to disseminate.

Blog Posts

Blogs are the most common format SEO content creators use as it is one of the most accessible formats when creating large quantity material online, this also allows you to share very valuable information to your audience about your business, it’s also a great way to attract links, traffic, and build your site’s authority through engaging blog posts. 

Online Guides

Unlike blog posts, guides are more in-depth and go beyond a standard article. Guides focus on details on particular subjects, for example, you would like to share a quick guide on how one of your services works and open an opportunity for your business to get new leads. You can engage your audience to subscribe to your email list and get updates with your product or service guides and eventually turn them into buying customers.


Content writing does take time to create, but it also depends on some few factors, like the type of content and the lenght. Say, for example, you want to invest in having online guides, this type of format requires more time to create and prepare compared to most blogs. With Zombie Digital, the turn around time of your content will be monitored by your dedicated account manager, which will ensure that all deadlines you have set will be met =mand if you need content to be created and posted right away, your account manager can have expedited the creation.


Rates may vary when it comes to SEO content writing, most of the time companies can spend $25 to $25,000 per page, but of course, this kind of expenditures depends on some factors that like with the type of content or topic, length, word count, and more that can increase the price. 

With Zombie Digital, we provide upfront rates that range from $60 – $2400 per page and $3000 – $5000 per guide. 


Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help your business. We at Zombie Digital will answer your queries right away. Give us a ring or send us an email today.

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