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Google Local Services Ads Management Service At Zombie Digital

Businesses today have proven and tested the power of Google search when it comes to increasing their visibility online through SEO, reaching more local leads, and increasing foot traffic leading to higher conversions using other Google ads services.  

Zombie digital’s Google Local Services Ads Management

When you plan to engage with digital marketing strategies, the first thing you need to know is your target audience and letting them know that you are just around the block to serve them or buy the products that they search for online.  

Reaching local leads is easier with Goggle Local Services ads. This can help your business drive foot traffic as more than half of online searchers will right away visit a store the same day that they have searched online. Using Google Local Services ads, your business will be up at the top of the search results when locals look for your business online.  


How Exactly Does Google Services Ads Work? 


In simple terms, Google Services ads simply help your business to connect with the local people looking or searching for your product or services online. These ads will right away appear at the top of the search results. They similarly operate like pay-per-click ads (PPC), thus if a user conducts a search for local services, a list of local businesses will be generated that offers the specific service.  

Google Local Services ads will appear at the top of the results, and then followed by the PPC ads and Google Map Listings, immediately, people who are interested in what products and services you are offering will find you, contact your business and right away book your services straight from the ad itself. Google makes it easier for you as it gives your audience the option to either call or sends a message to you when they find your ad. 

The goal with Google Services ads is not to replace traditional search ads, the goal is to put Google-verified businesses first to help people find first the kind of trustworthy businesses. On the other hand, you must take note that these kinds of ads are not available to every industry and are, so you might want to hold on to that PPC ads as they are still very much relevant and vital to your advertising campaigns. Google Local Services ads work well or mainly for these types of businesses: 


  • Locksmith 
  • Plumbing 
  • HVAC companies 
  • Electricians 
  • Carpet Cleaners 
  • House Cleaners 
  • Garage Repair Companies 
  • And more 


Google Services Ads can be used or mostly accessed by businesses that operate in areas like bigger metro cities, hence it is restricted to some areas. Metro cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles are most likely where you want to have Google Services Ads. It is expected that over time the ad service will expand, for the meantime, popular cities are where these ads will maximize its full capacity, so you might want to check if it’s available in your area. 


Google Local Services ads Features, Application Process, and Guidelines


In this part of the page, we will share with you the important things you need to know about Google Local Services ads regarding its features, how to go about the application process, and the basic guidelines that you should know before investing in this service.  




It is one of the most noticeable features of Google Local Services ads, the Google Guarantee Badge. When you sign up for the Local Services ads, you will then apply for the Google Guarantee Badge, this will help you build a great reputation for your business and with your audience. 


How to earn the badge? 


Before you can successfully acquire the badge, you have to earn your way through passing Google’s background check, where you will have your license and insurance details verified to ensure that your business is legally operating and you have the necessary insurance if your business goes south. If your business is up-to-date on the paper works, and that your business is legitimate, then getting that badge is easy.  


How does Google Guarantee work? 


Say, for example, a business gets a Google Guarantee, if people are not satisfied with the quality of that certain company’s work, Google will then provide a refund to those customers the amount paid for the services or jobs they have booked through their ads, the refund caps at $2000. A job invoice will be required for Google to reimburse the customers that have experienced poor services from the company they have booked the service with. 


However, there are limitations to these features, reimbursement for poor service does not include to apply for: 


  • Future Projects 
  • Damages to property 
  • Dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness, 
  • And cancellations 


Customers must submit their claims within 20 days of the project completion for the reimbursement to be considered. 



Google Local Services: Application Process and Guidelines 


Ready to get started with Google Local Services ads? Take note of these quick 5 steps for the application process and get to know some important guidelines to get started.   






Take a second to hit the brakes and get into the first important step of getting Google Local Services ads, confirming your eligibility. First, you must check if your business is eligible for Google Local Services ads, as we have mentioned earlier in this page, this feature may not be available for your type of industry and area. 


Verify your eligibility on the Google Local Services sign-up page, and once you have confirmed that your business is eligible, you are now ready to take the next step. 






After confirming your eligibility, the next step is to create your business profile. This is an important part of your ad, as it determines whether your ad will appear in the search results. No need to worry about this part, because when you partner with us, at Zombie Digital, we will help you apply, set up, and optimize your business profile. 


Your business profile will determine which jobs will match your local services; hence it is very important, to be honest about the services that you are offering. This is to ensure that your business will only appear right in front of the ads that want your services. Lying about your business to attract customers may cost you to lose money on valuable leads that might contact your business for services that you don’t offer, that’s one tip right there you must follow. 


Also, you must specify the area where you want the leads, to emphasize if your business won’t take customers outside a 15-mile radius. This is to prevent you and your business from taking leads outside of your operation area which can be a waste of money and time. with your business profile, you can also edit your weekly budget, business hours, service areas, and job types in your profile. 




Google has a strict policy of allowing only legitimate businesses to get or have Google Local Services ad, hence you must ready the paper works as you will be uploading your license and insurance information to your profile. Take note that all your paperwork must be up to date and accurate. 


Also, Google will request you to provide your general liability insurance detail for the Google Guarantee Badge, so make sure that your insurance is also up to date and your guarantee will be approved right away. 




As we have mentioned earlier in this post, Google Local Services ads work just like PPC, which means you need to set a budget to state how much you will be spending to run your ads. Similar to PPC, this is a monthly budget that you can change anytime as you need.


Do note that you will only pay if a customer calls or messages your business, thus you should base your budget on how many customers you want to receive and handle in a month.




Once you have successfully launched your ads, you will then start getting leads for your business, yay! There are three important things that you need to remember on how to follow up on these leads when they contact your business:





Reply to send a message via email or text you have reached out to your business. 


  1. CALL

When a customer gives their phone or mobile number, this means you can give them a follow-up call.



Google gives you an option to decline leads or customers that have contacted your business. When you choose to decline a customer, you can provide them a reason and they will be notified right away. In any case that something changes, you can always recover requests.

Google Local Services Ads Management Benefits


Google Local Services Ads Management

Partnering with Zombie Digital to manage your Google Local Services ads


If you are eyeing to drive more traffic and increase your local leads, Google Services ads are worth investing in. By choosing to invest in this kind of ad, you will practically get more credible leads for your business. 


Zombie Digital is a trusted digital marketing agency that you can trust to deliver valuable results for your business, we will help you in every step of the way. Plus, did we mention our pool of clients turned into business partners? When you work and collaborate with us, you are not just our client, you are our business partners, your goal is our goal.


Ready to dive into the Google Local Services Ads? Fret not, we can manage it for you! Contact us online to speak with one of our experts. 











14% of ad budget


12% of ad budget






✓ Up to $2,500 in ad spend (across all Google ad networks)


✓ $2,501-$15,000 in ad spend (across all Google ad networks)


✓ $15,000+ in ad spend (across all Google ad networks)

✓ 1 geographic location targeted


✓ Up to 3 geographic locations targeted


✓ Up to 15 geographic locations targeted

✓Up to 2 service categories targeted


✓ Up to 4 service categories targeted


✓ Up to 8 service categories targeted

✓1 templated review solicitation through LSA


✓ 5 templated review solicitations through LSA


✓ 5 templated review solicitations through LSA


Google Local Services Ads Management Pricing





Ad spend (across all Google ad networks)

Up to $2500

Up to $2501-15,000


Google Guarantee FAQ guide

Minimum 3.5 star Google Review rating required

Voice Search Optimization

Weekly Review of Submitted Leads for Accuracy

Eligibility submission and communication

Budget Management



Monthly reporting

Automatic monthly cloud updates

Automatic monthly cloud updates

Dedicated Local Marketing Expert

Geographic Targeting

Up to 1 geographic location

Up to 3 geographic locations

Up to 15 geographic location

Service Category Targeting (Ex: Plumbing, Electric)

Up to 2 service categories

Up to 4 service categories

Up to 8 service categories

Templated review solicitations through LSA

1 template

5 templates

5 templates

Setup Fee




Monthly Management Fee


14% of ad budget

12% of ad budget

Added to any other PPC plan:




Added to any other local SEO plan:




FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Goal Oriented Marketing

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You’re Our Business Partner, Not Our Client

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