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Your website is the face of your business online. As your target audience is always on the go, your first touch with them is through your website, which is the reason why studies show that 95% of internet user’s first impression relates to the website’s design.    

Having a firm that offers quality and effective web design services can greatly impact the success of your business.   

In this fast-paced era, businesses continue to develop their digital marketing efforts, with Zombie Digital, when you reevaluate your web design services with us you are not just working with us, you are partnering with a trusted and client-focused web design agency ready to take your business to its full potential.   

Make your investments worthwhile, partner with Zombie Digital and get our web design services. 

We will get directly to the point, why choose us? Aside from our client-focused and quality delivery of service, our web design services are packed with:  

  • Customization  
  • Responsive website or mobile optimized  
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)  
  • Secure (HTTPS)  
  • Professionally crafted and designed  

We make your experience with us as personalized as it gets. Our team can cater to your request, such as additional features like integrating your database to your website design which enables the e-commerce functionality and more.   

Expect upfront prices with us. We value your time and money, that we guarantee.   

At Zombie Digital, we don’t play around with our client’s money and time. We are always upfront with our prices. When you partner with us you can choose from different packages from personalized ones to our standard web design quotation.   

Tight budget? But you need to get things done? No worries! We are your allies; we can discuss your budget and see what we can do. Give us a call right now and let’s discuss how we can help your business.   

If you are in a hurry and ready to redesign your website for your business to take off, try our rapid web design services. As relentless as digital zombies, our developers can build you a newly designed and fast website in 30 days.  

Contact us today and we will give you a quote, don’t worry we are the good kind of digital zombies.  


Every business is unique, that’s a fact. We understand that your business has specific needs, that’s why we make sure that our web design services are tailored according to your business’ needs. You can easily customize your web design features with us from your digital marketing goals down to your products and services. we will create a website that visitors will love and drive sales through the roof, and here’s why:    


Aside from getting a professionally designed website, we will maximize your investment with our web design or redesign service by also improving your digital marketing strategy. We will ensure that your website is up to date when it comes to advancements such as search engine optimization (SEO).  

SEO is a great digital marketing technique that enhances your website’s ranking for a relevant search result. In short, the higher ranking in search results equals higher visibility to online users, your target audience. Better visibility for relevant search results means your website gets or earns more clicks, and high traffic that can result in generating leads, customers making online purchases, closed deals, and more!  

We are a one-stop-shop agency; we work together to create not just a good-looking website for you but a website that ranks well in search results.  


From 1 to 250+ website pages, our designers are ready to create every page of your website professionally.   

Whether you’re an e-commerce store, or a service provider our designers are ready to create webpages that are ready to convert your target audience. We will ensure that your webpages are professionally designed to inform and reach your audience, which will eventually lead to closed deals.  

Not sure how much budget to allocate? Talk to us and we will lay everything you need to know.  


A good website design should resonate with your target audience, it should capture your brand and create awareness to users. With our unlimited style options, you can choose from high-end web designs that showcase the quality and price range of your products and services down to web designs that will stand out and align with your company goals, our team can create that for you. 

Not ready yet? Do you have more questions? Chat with us and we can discuss your web design style and preference.   



For you to fully maximize and have a website that has a great impact, our web design services include, website copywriting. Zombie Digital has a team of experienced and specialized copywriters ready to create technical and non-technical copywriting content for any specific business industry. Our content is guaranteed to engage and convert your target audience.   

You can choose from website copy tiers, ranging from 5 to 10 pages up to 25 to 50 pages. By the way, did we mention that our copywriting services include optimizing your website copy for SEO? Yes, aside from compelling content your website copy will ensure high-value and relevant keywords for your business industry, service, and webpages.   

Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, we are here to guide you step by step, call us now and we are all ears to your needs.  


Every design has a purpose, that also applies to web design. Knowing that your target audience can reach you at their very fingertips we ensure that your website is designed to be responsive, or mobile optimized. Your website should function on all types of devices, studies show that 50% of the internet’s traffic comes from mobile users, hence your website must be ready to support the always on the go target audience.  

Google now follows a mobile-first index, it means that it views a website from the perspective of mobile users and not desktop users. If Google sees that your site is not mobile optimized, you will be filtered down to a lower-ranking which is bad for visibility, yikes!   

That’s why we ensure a responsive design and prevent your business from going down the ranking drain.  


Got a database of your own? We can integrate that into your website. We understand the value of data and how many companies feature their database such as for processing payments. We can provide full support if you need database integration:  

  • BASIC  

Kind of overwhelming on this part? Fret no more are we have promised over and over we got your back! We will work with you one on one if you are not sure with what kind of database you will integrate, contact us and we’ll give you a run-through.  


Good news for e-commerce companies, this will be music to your ears as we also offer e-commerce functionality deliverables. Great, right? Same with our database integration you can choose from the 3 tiers:  

  • BASIC  

If you’re unsure and undecided what level is best fit for your business our experts are just one chat away and ready to answer your queries. Rest assured they can help you assess what tie you should be choosing for your business that can gain wonderful results.  


Last but certainly not least is our content management system (CMS). This is an add on service that we have put out for our clients engaged in our website design services.   

CMS offers immense value on e-commerce websites and even informal websites as it helps your business manage your content, streamline, and most of all improve the efficiency of your content marketing strategy.   

Our team can guide you on what tier you should choose:  


Contact us online and we will explain and advise on the best tier that fits your business.  


Aside from the fact that getting professional web design services is a good investment, there are good reasons why you should partner with us. Will keep it short and simple for you:


When You Collaborate With Zombie Digital

Goal Oriented Marketing

Goal Oriented Marketing

We sit down with you whether it’s in person or over a call to discuss your objectives and listen to your strengths and weaknesses. We then take that data and create a strategy based on your objectives. Often within 48 hours, we know exactly what should be done to take your business to the next level.

Target Your Buyers

Target Your Buyers, Not Your Window Shoppers

One of the most important things to understand is your audience. It’s commonly known that some of the best companies have a conversion rate somewhere around 5%. That means over 90% of the people who visit your website won’t use your services. We say this to emphasize that your primary focus should be finding those who want your services.

You’re Our Business Partner, Not Our Client

You’re Our Business Partner, Not Our Client

Most agencies see you as a client, just another number. Not us though, we’re a small clan of digital zombies that take pride in creating amazing websites and helping our partners overrun their competition.

100% Accountability & Transparency

100% Accountability & Transparency

We’re not like every agency out there, we work with no more than 10 clients a month to make sure we provide the best service possible. We aren’t the cheapest around either, but making the right investment pays off. More often than not we help repair the damage for those who chose cheaper options. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.

The Zombie Experience

The Zombie Experience

The Zombie Digital team has more than 20+ years of combined experience designing websites and driving sales to business partners through SEO & various PPC platforms. Not all agencies are equal.

Consistency & Communication

Consistency & Communication

We have this routine where we send progress reports every Friday morning since it’s usually a good mood enhancer to find out how your business is progressing. We’re always focused on clear communication, however, we can’t bring you the best results if we update you every twenty minutes. We can respond to questions via email or our social media page.


Whether you decide to partner with us or not, it’s best to get an idea of where you should start making improvements.