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Your website is the face of your business online. As your target audience is always on the go, your first touch with them is through your website, which is the reason why studies show that 95% of internet user’s first impression relates to the website’s design.    

Having a firm that offers quality and effective web design services can greatly impact the success of your business.   

What is Link Building?

Link Building is acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A hyperlink (usually just called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. Search engines use links to crawl the web; they will crawl the links between the individual pages on your website and will crawl the links between entire websites.

Critical Components of Link Building

Benefits of Link Building

Our Link Building Services

Content Creation and Promotion

We create high-quality, link-worthy content and promote it to your target audience to earn backlinks.

Outreach and Relationship Building

Our team conducts personalized outreach to relevant websites and influencers to build relationships and secure backlinks.

Guest Blogging

We identify guest blogging opportunities and create content that positions your brand as an industry expert while earning valuable backlinks.

Zombie Digital's Link Building Services

Elevate Your Online Presence with High-Quality Links

At Zombie Digital, we specialize in driving your website’s authority and search engine rankings through strategic link building. Our process involves:

Our tailored approach ensures that every link obtained is not just a backlink but a strategic asset that enhances your digital footprint.

Why Choose Zombie Digital for Link Building?

Our Link Building Plans

Startup 🚀 Links Only

Scale 🚵‍♂️ Links Only

Authority 🏆 Links Only

Ready to Dominate Your Market?

Contact Zombie Digital today to discuss how our tailored link-building services can elevate your brand’s online presence and drive sustainable growth. Let’s build your authority together!


When You Collaborate With Zombie Digital

Goal Oriented Marketing

Goal Oriented Marketing

We sit down with you whether it’s in person or over a call to discuss your objectives and listen to your strengths and weaknesses. We then take that data and create a strategy based on your objectives. Often within 48 hours, we know exactly what should be done to take your business to the next level.

Target Your Buyers

Target Your Buyers, Not Your Window Shoppers

One of the most important things to understand is your audience. It’s commonly known that some of the best companies have a conversion rate somewhere around 5%. That means over 90% of the people who visit your website won’t use your services. We say this to emphasize that your primary focus should be finding those who want your services.

You’re Our Business Partner, Not Our Client

You’re Our Business Partner, Not Our Client

Most agencies see you as a client, just another number. Not us though, we’re a small clan of digital zombies that take pride in creating amazing websites and helping our partners overrun their competition.

100% Accountability & Transparency

100% Accountability & Transparency

We’re not like every agency out there, we work with no more than 10 clients a month to make sure we provide the best service possible. We aren’t the cheapest around either, but making the right investment pays off. More often than not we help repair the damage for those who chose cheaper options. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.

The Zombie Experience

The Zombie Experience

The Zombie Digital team has more than 20+ years of combined experience designing websites and driving sales to business partners through SEO & various PPC platforms. Not all agencies are equal.

Consistency & Communication

Consistency & Communication

We have this routine where we send progress reports every Friday morning since it’s usually a good mood enhancer to find out how your business is progressing. We’re always focused on clear communication, however, we can’t bring you the best results if we update you every twenty minutes. We can respond to questions via email or our social media page.


Whether you decide to partner with us or not, it’s best to get an idea of where you should start making improvements.